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EMS develops new Hydrogen Storage System

500 bar stationary solution for Hydrogen Fuelling Stations to store more than 1000kg of hydrogen.

Jülich, 19 April 2017. EMS starts the development of a new Hydrogen Storage System. The EMS storage solution will be designed to store more than 1000 kg of hydrogen (H2) at a nominal working pressure of 500 bar. The system contains high-strength lightweight composite (CFRP) pressure vessels (type 4) which will be embedded in standard containers to serve at H2 fuelling stations. With the new system EMS will add an innovative solution to the emerging H2 infrastructure business.

The future of mobility lies beyond fossil fuels

“The future mobility lies beyond fossil fuels”, says EMS Managing Director Pieter Folkers. “Hydrogen will become part of the energy mix of the future, for energy storage as well as for global emission-free mobility. Hydrogen fuelling is not only a topic for individual transportation but will be of particular attraction for busses, trains and heavy duty transport applications.”

First appearance at Hannover Messe 2017

Within this funded project 40 years of unique expertise in composite development and winding will be used for the first time in the context of H2 fuelling. EMS will be present at Hannover Messe: 24-28 April 2017, hall 27, E40.

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EMS Nadcap accredited

Nadcap accreditation obtained

Almelo, 25 January 2017

The Dutch-German engineering company EMS now offers heat treatment and vacuum brazing services to the aerospace industry based on a successful Nadcap accreditation.

EMS now delivers its products and services to the aerospace industry based on a successful Nadcap accreditation. The certification was granted on 20 January after an intensive review of all related equipment and manufacturing processes, procedures and control measures. Through this accreditation, customers from the aerospace industry now receive independent and reliable evidence for EMS working according to the world’s highest standards applying to these processes.

40 years of experience in heat treatment and vacuum brazing
“Our customers rely on the 40 years of experience which we have in advanced heat treatment and vacuum brazing”, explains EMS Managing Director Pieter Folkers. “Having both vacuum and atmospheric furnaces in place, a complete portfolio of heat treatment and brazing capabilities is offered to meet customer requirements for a wide range of components. The Nadcap accreditation now independently demonstrates our ability to fulfil advanced product and process requirements in a controlled and predictable way.”

EMS looks back on more then 40 years of industrial experience. The engineering company has entered the aerospace market in 2016 after having received the EN 9100 certification for “Brazing and Heat Treatment of Aircraft parts”.

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EMS – A newcomer with decades of experience

Almelo, 23 June 2016

For the first time the Dutch-German engineering company opens its know-how in heat treatment and brazing to the aerospace industry

EMS has extended its service range to the aerospace industry. The Dutch-German engineering company has entered the market as a qualified supplier for advanced heat treatment and brazing, now offering their services to customers throughout the international aerospace industry.

Heat treatment and brazing
“We believe that customers in the aerospace industry will strongly benefit from the decades of experience we have had”, explains EMS Managing Director Pieter Folkers. “Looking at the knowledge we have gained during many years of hard work in the highly regulated nuclear industry, we are now ready to open our expertise also to the aerospace market. We offer advanced heat treatment and brazing services for almost any metallic part you can imagine.”

EN9100 certificate in place
As a qualified supplier EMS provides engineering and design capacities, helping customers meet their requirements with regard to schedule and quality. EMS’ step into the aerospace industry has been enabled by its parental company ETC recently receiving the certificate “EN 9100” for “Brazing and Heat Treatment of Aircraft parts” at its Dutch site ETC Nederland. Only companies that obtain this qualification are allowed to work as a supplier for the aerospace industry.

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