Precision Tubes

EMS has over four decades experience and capability to manufacture ultra-high-strength tubes in the Energy, Nuclear, Automotive and Aerospace sectors, using Cold-Forming processes for aluminium, stainless steel and other metals.

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EMS manufactures precision tailored tubes for innovative special applications:

  • all metals with ultimate strain >10%
  • typical deformation rates between 60 – 80% per reduction step


  • Over 40 years of experience
  • Ultra high precision long and thin tubes (exceeding EN ISO 1127)
  • High strength cold deformed products
  • Realization of local thickening or reduction
  • Tailor-made services (customer made metal tubes in any dimension)
  • Development of material concepts
  • Combinations of vacuum heat treatments and flow forming

Our capabilities

  • Various CNC flow forming machines for R&D and (series) production of tubes
  • Metallurgy and material testing & analytics
  • Engineering support
  • Manufacturing of prototypes
  • Testing and optimizing material capabilities
  • FEM analyses tools and specialists available

Specialities and solutions

  • Max tube lengths: 6000 mm (straightness: < 0,1 mm / 1000 mm)
  • Diameters: 12 – 450 mm (accuracy: +/- 0,05 mm))
  • Wall thickness: 0,2 – 10 mm (accuracy: +/- 0,01 mm))
  • Roundness: < 0,1 mm


Click here to learn more about flow formed thin walled aluminium cylindrical shells as substructures for aerospace applications
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These products can be available to you at short notice for specified lengths and diameters.
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Paul Glaubitz, Commercial Manager