Electron Beam Welding

Electron Beam (EB) welding is a special metal joining technique applied under vacuum used to create high integrity joints with minimal distortion.

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A focussed stream of high energy electrons generated by a filament joins metals with very localised heating. And the bulk of the assembly therefore remains cold and stable. There is no need to use filler metal as the parent metal of the assembly is melted.

Weld depths of up to 30 mm can be produced and computer controls ensure minimal operator dependence.


  • Welding of oxygen greedy materials
  • Welding of materials with high thermal conductivity
  • Deep and small welds
  • Vacuum process yields in clean and reproducible environment
  • Close to pore free welds due to vacuum environment
  • Small heat affected zone and small distortion
  • 30 years of experience

Our capabilities

  • Two licensed EB welding machines:
    • EB1: 2800 x 1210 x 1000 mm
    • EB2: 650 x 850 x 640 mm
  • Metallurgical laboratory for quality inspection
  • Functional (leak) testing
  • (Vacuum) heat treatments
  •  Cleaning
  • Expert material and welding advise
  • Highly qualified welding operators and engineers

Specialities and solutions

  • Applications containing refractory alloys and dissimilar materials.
  • Weld penetration: 0.05 mm to 30 mm.
  • Materials including: aluminium, copper, titanium, zirconium, niobium
  • Own material laboratory, engineering and R&D
  • High strength steel (combined with pre heat treatments)


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