CFRP Rollers

EMS uses its key competence (filament wet winding) to make advanced carbon rollers at industrial standards in high volume & to constant quality levels.

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We create lightweight industrial composite rollers used for example for printing, foil and paper industries.

Our high-strength CFRP rollers are engineered fit-for-purpose with a very strong price-to-performance ratio.


  • Extensive experience with composite and metal interfaces
    (filament winding of CFRP products since 1977)
  • Large-capacity manufacturing site with swift delivery times (6-8 weeks)
  • Previous manufacturing experience of collars and bushings
  • Manufacturing to your requirements (build to print / build to spec)
  • In-house balancing and testing
  • Roller surface upon customers request
  • In addition to rollers we are producing high pressure vessels, drive shafts and flywheels out of composite materials

Our capabilities

  • 7 wet filament winding machines
  • In-house balancing
  • In-house material and component testing
  • Available surfaces:
    • EPDM rubber coating (Ethylen-Propylen-Dien-Monomer)
    • PUR coating (Polyurethan)
    • NBR/NR coating (Nitril-Butadien-Rubber / Natural Rubber)
    • Thermal sprayed coating: Ceramic coating, Metal/Hard metal coating, Non-sticking coating
    • Chrome plating
    • Recovering / protection layer
  • Our design studio provides support with modelling, simulation and R&D to constantly improve our products

Specialities and solutions

  • Types of CFRP rollers we supply:
    • contact rollers
    • dancer rollers
    • transport rollers
    • guide rollers
    • idler rollers
    • bubble collapsing rollers
  • Roller sizes:
    • Max length: 4500 mm
    • Minimum inner diameter 20 mm
    • Maximum outer diameter 400 mm
  • Fibres: Glass fibre, HT, HM, UHM, UUHM
  • Filament winding quality performance
    • Void  < 1.5%
    • Wall thickness accuracy within 0.5mm
  • Hoop and helical winding speed 1.6 m/s up to 2.2m/s
  • Automated mixing, dosing and Tg determination of resin mixtures.
  • Excellent laminate and surface quality for rubber coating
  • In-line gelling & post-curing.


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Specified sizes and diameters can be made available at short notice.
Please be aware that specific requirements will have longer start-up times.

Contact EMS to find out how we can support your business!
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Johannes Lorenz, Business Development Manager

Philipp Kroschner, Sales Engineer