CFRP Rollers

EMS uses its proficiency and expertise in advanced technology to deliver top quality, lightweight carbon fibre reinforced polymer composite rollers.

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Filament wet winding with multiple finishing, is our key competence and we have extensive experience with both composite and metal interfaces.

  • Our high strength CFRP rollers have excellent cost to performance ratio
  • We manufacture to specific requirements and best in class tolerances with in-house balancing and testing
  • We provide roller surfaces and finishes.

We have a large capacity manufacturing site with rapid 6 weeks delivery times. Extensive expertise in manufacturing light weight, high strength collars and bushings.

Our CFRP roller specifications

We provide lightweight rollers and shafts with dimensions of a maximum length of 4500 mm, minimum inner diameter of 20 mm and a maximum outer diameter of 400 mm.

  • Using fibres such as glass fibre, HT, HM, UHM and UUHM.
  • Automatic mixing, dosing and thermographic specification of resin blends.
  • Fine tolerance laminate and surface quality for rubber coating.
  • Extensive in-line gelling and post-curing.

Industry Sectors

  • Digital, Flexo & Web-offset Printing
  • Foil
  • Paper
  • Film Card & Packaging Conversion
  • Specialist high precision Engineering

Resources and capabilities

Dedicated technology facilities and highly skilled technicians with the following processes.

  • 7 wet winding lines.
  • Customised production.
  • In-house balancing. Inc conformity reporting
  • In-house testing of materials and components.
  • Production of precision collars and bushings.
  • Advanced Digital studio to support with model and prototype simulations.
  • Roller surface specification to customer requirement.

Carbon fibre rollers versus steel rollers

Our carbon fibre rollers are engineered fit-for-purpose and offer tremendous advantage over steel rollers. Advantages include:

  • Virtually no frequency transference with carbon fibre means rollers can operate at higher speeds than steel. Significant Lower Inertia
  • 80% weight reduction creates Less stress in motors, Improved handling and change over times. Substantial improvement in production uptimes.
  • Faster start up times with less waste
  • Higher precise control of roller speed, improves chemistry and mechanical balance.
  • Higher product output speeds
  • Reduced roller damage, results in overall lower cost than steel, over the medium to long term
  • Reduced web wander and tighter winding
  • Reduced roller coating thickness can be achieved
  • Longer Bearing life
  • Improved tension control


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Specified sizes and diameters can be made available at short notice.
Please be aware that specific requirements will have longer start-up times.

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