Press release 25 January 2017
The Dutch-German engineering company EMS now offers heat treatment and vacuum brazing services to the aerospace industry based on a successful Nadcap accreditation.


What we do

We deliver specific parts and services to a wide range of industries such as the energy, automotive, printing and the aerospace business. Products that are crucial for the primary processes of our customers and that keep their characteristics in virtually every situation. Our main challenge is the realisation of an excellent product that can be challenged by the power of man and nature. The highest standard is our lowest norm for process, material and construction.

The realisation of those vital parts is put in the hands of our experienced staff, combining science and skills with integrity. Creative people who take their responsibilities seriously and who think proactively. Where others are surprised by the cutting edge performance and characteristics of a product, we know exactly how you can create the desired effects. And we understand how materials maintain their extraordinary characteristics.

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CFRP Rollers

EMS uses its key competence (filament wet winding) to make advanced carbon rollers at industrial standards in high volume & to constant quality levels.

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Electron Beam Welding

Electron Beam (EB) welding is a special metal joining technique applied under vacuum used to create high integrity joints with minimal distortion.

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Heat Treatment

For decades our furnaces have been heat treating a wide range of materials and products. Our specialists operate under controlled clean room conditions to optimise the material quality for its individual purpose.

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Precision Tubes

EMS has over four decades experience and capability to manufacture ultra-high-strength tubes in the Energy, Nuclear, Automotive and Aerospace sectors, using Cold-Forming processes for aluminium, stainless steel and other metals.

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Other Products & Services

EMS can support your business in many different ways and areas. Whether you are looking for support in your R&D process to prove your ideas, need engineering support to develop your design or (series) manufacturing services to manufacture your product. EMS can support you!

Our competencies include:

  • Pressure vessels
  • Large variety of materials laboratory services including a scanning electron microscope (SEM)
  • Design and manufacturing of other CFRP products (flywheels, sleeves, driveshafts etc.)
  • Machining services
  • Development of verified Instrumentation and Control logic through the creation and validation of Process simulations
  • Aluminium welding
  • and much more!

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Our customers

EMS delivers products and services to a wide range of industries, such as:

  • aerospace
  • space applications
  • automotive
  • semi conductor industry
  • medical applications

Our customers value EMS for treating their interests confidentially. For this reason specific customer business cases are not presented on this website.

For any referrals regarding our products and services, please contact us!